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About ANSA

ANSA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a premier academy focussed on creating strategic thinking accountants with professional, ethical, and human values. The objective of ANSA is to prepare candidates for the professional qualifications like ACCA. ANSA has been offering ACCA course in Chennai, India since 2009 and its reputation has been built on the high quality academic and professional support delivered consistently to students. The Head Office of ANSA is located at Chennai, with one branch at Coimbatore.

ANSA is the first Platinum Approved Learning Partner of ACCA in India. The Platinum status is the highest and most prestigious recognition for an approved learning partner’s quality and success in teaching and supporting students throughout their ACCA qualification. With this accreditation, ANSA Chennai has stepped in to the elite group of Platinum Approved Learning Partners in the world.

ANSA provides professional assistance to students in obtaining the ACCA degree. ANSA has experienced tutors having specialized knowledge, experience, and a good understanding of the ACCA curriculum thereby ensuring highest quality of both classroom and off-classroom support for students. With state of art infrastructure, library, and CBE center, learning at ANSA is relaxed, easy and effective.

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Amazing tutors, unconditional support, continued motivation and a perfect environment to learn ANSA has it all. ANSA has a prime focus on high quality education with holistic learning and inculcating competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely.
Shivani M Applied Professional level student
ANSA is equipped with experienced and committed staff, amazing classrooms with state of the art technology, a huge bank of study resources and friendly support staff. The support,guidance and motivation given by the staff and faculty helped me keep my spirits up and attain my goal.
Adhithya Suresh Applied Skills level student
Providing access to the best resources, invaluable guidance and highly proficient faculty, ANSA welcomes you to evolve yourself!
Naveanraj R D Applied Skills level student
Amazing atmosphere, extremely friendly and experienced teachers and great support staff too. ANSA is the place you have to be at if you are pursuing ACCA.
Varun Narayan Applied Professional Level Student
ANSA has been the drive behind my ACCA journey. Their commitment and almost parental approach has always lifted my spirits. I can honestly say I am exactly where I want to be.
Siddarth Srikrishnan ACCA (Affiliate) and Rank holder
Continued motivation & support, best infrastructure and ever smiling faces is what defines ANSA. Leading education provider in the field of professional studies, ANSA is the first place to be.
S. Seethalakshmi ACCA Member and Rank holder
From classrooms, faculty, and fee structure to the management, ANSA is impressive!!!
Lavanya R ACCA (Affiliate)
The students, faculty and staff create the same atmosphere and ambience as that of a closely knit family. ANSA is equipped with knowledgeable and competent faculty who nurture young minds.
Ananya Anand Professional level Student
Experienced faculty, flexible class timings and constant support and motivation which extend beyond regular classroom boundaries is what makes ANSA the best education provider.
Deivanai Muthiah ACCA Member and Rank holder