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Last Updated: 1st December 2021

1.   ANSA Registration and Enrolment

Students joining ANSA shall fill the S02 – Registration-cum-Enrolment Form and get themselves duly registered for the ACCA course upon payment of a one-time registration fee. Upon completion of the registration process, the terms and conditions of ANSA including refund, deferment policies issued by ANSA shall be accepted and signed by the student. This will be evidence of unconditional acceptance of the ANSA terms and conditions by the student. After completion of these procedures, the student can start attending the first session.

For the subsequent sessions, students are required to complete the S03 – Batch Enrolment Form with full personal particulars, including ACCA and ANSA registration numbers, choice of papers for the session, etc.

Classes for each paper range from 75 hours (Applied Knowledge Level) to 120 hours (Professional Level papers) from the date of commencement.

2.   ANSA Digital Engagement Platform (ADEPt)

Details collected from the registration form will be stored in the platform’s database subject to ANSA’s Privacy Policy.

Students undertaking classes for a particular batch are given free access to the platform for practice and tests for the duration of the batch for a particular exam sitting and the subsequent exam sitting. Access for a particular paper is given till the end of the applicable exam session – any extension for the same paper will require permission from the management. Students who wish to use the platform but have not attended classes for the paper requested need to pay necessary fee as detailed in the ‘Revision Package’ section of the fee details.

3.   International Students

International students are those who travel to India from their own countries for the purpose of study. While ANSA welcomes international students, ANSA takes no responsibility regarding the Visa of the students – students must arrange for their own student visas and make necessary arrangements compliant with the rules (see below) to study at ANSA.

An admission letter will be issued to the international student for Visa only on receipt of full fees. Students who are in India pursuant to the terms of a study visa, should note that the Bureau of Immigration rules, Government of India, apply to them during their stay in India. If visa is refused by the Indian Government, all fees will be refunded except for the tax components.

International students who are absent for more than twice in a session are responsible for providing documentation, depending on the nature of the absence.

4.   Promotional Offers

The management of ANSA reserves the right to change or drop any ongoing promotional offers without prior notice. However, if any student registers under a promotional offer before it is changed/dropped, ANSA guarantees that the student shall enjoy the benefits assured under the old offer.

Currently, ANSA has the following ongoing offers available:

1.  Free Demo recording –Students/Parents/Legal guardians (of student) who enquire about classes with ANSA for any course, are given access to view a demo recording of our live online classes on Successful Completion of an Enquiry. Successful completion of an enquiry means that the student/parent/legal guardian (of the student) has filled the enquiry form using the true and correct details and our course coordinator has been able to verify the same through a conversation with the individual(s) over a telephone call/chat/live counselling. ANSA reserves the right to choose the medium of sharing access (to view only) the demo class and the time limit for such access on a case-to-case basis. Unauthorised usage of the video shared will result in legal action. This offer is open to students from all regions.

2.  Early Bird Discounts – As part of regular marketing campaigns, ANSA may offer discounts on tuition fee for students who register within select windows and conditions.

5.   Payment Terms

After enrolment, students should pay the fees for the subjects enrolled. ANSA accepts payments by cash, credit/debit card, cheque, demand draft or through online transfer. A receipt confirming the payment received from the student will be provided.

All students shall make full payment of the fees before the commencement of a session. Concessions for payment in instalments are made on a case-to-case basis. The details of the fee have already been shared (Details of Fee Payable) during the Student Counselling session – students can request for the same at the administrator’s office if needed.

6.   Withdrawal and Refund policy
Students/Parents/Legal guardian of the student must give a seven-day notice period to the management if they wish to withdraw from classes.

If a student withdraws from the class(es) after commencement of a batch, ANSA will deduct the proportion of tuition fee for the classes attended before withdrawal (along with the full appliable tax components) and refund the balance amount.

In case the student withdraws before the commencement of the session, the amount paid (except applicable tax components) will be refunded.

ANSA also reserves the right to refuse refund of fee in exceptional cases including, but not limited to, completion of significant number of classes in the batch, infrequent attendance without notice/permission and violation of ANSA Code of Conduct/Student Policies.

Students/Parents/Legal guardians of the student may approach the management to address any grievances arising out of the refund policy, but the decision of ANSA management remains final.

For students enrolling through early bird discount option, the proportion of fee to be deducted from the amount already paid will be calculated on the gross tuition fee and not the applicable discounted fee.

7.   Course Transfer policy
Students have the two types of transfers available:

1. Type 1 – Option to transfer enrolment from one paper to another – If the student wishes to switch from one paper to another (such as PM to FR) but within the same sitting (i.e., batch), they can use this option.

2. Type 2 – Option to change enrolment from one batch to another – Alternative to withdrawal from the course, students may request ANSA to defer their enrolment on a subject to a session for later exam sitting. Students can also use type 1 transfer before the commencement of classes after using type 2 transfer.

Students/Parents/Legal guardian of the student must give a seven-day notice period to the management if they wish to transfer courses.

ANSA recommends that transfer options should be chosen only before the commencement of classes for the paper and batch chosen. If a student wishes to transfer from the class(es) after commencement of a batch, then:

1. For Type 1 – the fee is adjusted directly to the fee payable for the new paper and a letter of confirmation of the same will be provided. Any additional fee that applies on the new paper will be invoiced at the rate applicable on date of transfer. The student will have to join the classes for the new paper midway and must catch up through studies as there will be restarting of classes.

2. For Type 2 – ANSA will deduct the proportion of tuition fee for the classes attended before choosing transfer (along with the full appliable tax components) and refund the balance amount. The fee already deducted shall be adjusted to the new payable for the next batch (and paper) chosen and the balance will be due from the student’s end. A letter confirming the transfer will be issued.

ANSA also reserves the right to refuse transfer in exceptional cases including, but not limited to, attendance of significant number of classes in the batch, infrequent attendance without notice/permission and violation of ANSA Code of Conduct/Student Policies.
Students/Parents/Legal guardians of the student may approach the management to address any grievances arising out of the transfer policy, but the decision of ANSA management remains final.

8.   Non-Payment of Fees

Where any part of the fees due to ANSA by the student remains unpaid, even after request for payment (oral and written), ANSA has the right to exclude the student from attending classes, at the discretion of the Directors of ANSA. The Directors shall give the student seven days’ notice in writing of their intention to exclude the student. The student is expected to make use of the opportunity given, to make the payment. The management also reserves the right to undertake legal action to recover the fee due in exceptional cases.

9.   Cancellation Policy

ANSA reserves the right to vary or cancel any of the classes, change the venue where the classes are conducted, etc. In the event of cancellation of any session or classes for subjects, students shall receive full refund of the fees paid.

10.   Classroom Attendance

In case of face-to-face classes, students must sign the attendance sheet in the presence of lectures. For online classes, the Teaching Assistant for the paper shall record the attendance. ANSA’s attendance policy excuses the absences of students for illness, religious observances, and compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control. Continued absenteeism will be reported to the parents/guardians.

11.   Communication

All communication involving critical documents and/or specific requests are done through emails only. Phone calls and SMS are the primary modes of contacting potential students and for emergency purposes. All other general communication shall be done through WhatsApp.

Students (if minor, the parent, or legal guardian) is added to a common WhatsApp group where institute-wide communications shall be made such as institute working time, student guides for ADEPt and ACCA related matters, downtime of ADEPt or website (planned/unplanned), communications from ACCA etc.

Specific groups shall be created for each batch where the student (or parent/legal guardian), tutors, teaching assistants and ANSA management shall be present. Specific announcements related to the class shall be made in these groups. Students are expected to use these groups to communicate their doubts, discuss with their peers and the tutors/teaching assistants.

Changes in lecture schedules, latest updates about the course, and other important announcements are also displayed in the ANSA notice board.

ANSA reserves the right to change the communication platform as per changing circumstances and students are expected to cooperate and move to the new mediums if necessary.

While there is no restriction on who can message in the group, all contents are strictly monitored and moderated by the admins. Participants are expected to only post content related to the purpose of the group. Posting of irrelevant content shall result in reprimands and the participant is expected to remove the content immediately. Posting of inappropriate/unprofessional/pirated/explicit content can result in expulsion from the group, and other disciplinary actions on the original poster. The management may also dismantle of the group to protect other participants or lock it to “admin only” posts. Seasons’ greetings are permitted only if they are in text form and not in multimedia.

12.   Lecture Notes

ANSA provides the lecture notes to students on important topics in each paper as per tutor discretion or on request from students.

13.   Mock Tests

ANSA conducts topic wise tests covering all chapters and three overall mock tests in each session through ADEPt, as stated earlier. ANSA also conducts more mock examinations on students’ request. Tutors will review the answers entered by the students and provide feedback in 3 working days’ time.

14.   Classrooms and Study rooms

All ANSA classrooms are air-conditioned. Study rooms are available for students during working hours subject to availability of classrooms. The students are also given complete access to the Library and Journal section maintained by ANSA.

15.   Disciplinary Issues

All students are expected to maintain discipline and decorum within the premises. Students must not commit any disciplinary problems such as ragging, shouting or any other undesirable, illegal, anti-social or destructive activities. If any such incident occurs, ANSA will report the incidents to the parents/guardians and the student concerned will not be permitted to attend the classes. The authority to take such disciplinary action vests with the Director of ANSA.

16.   Online Classes

In case of online classes, students are expected to attend the classes through PCs, without fail unless a prior intimation is provided on connectivity issues or use of mobile phone. Students are required to turn on their videos and leave microphones on mute (except when tutor requires them to answer, or they have any queries/issues).

Classes should be attended through ADEPt only unless there is an exception permitted by management. In such case, only a temporary access to the meeting is given through a Zoom Meetings link and passcode. Strict action will be taken against student attempting to join classes outside ADEPt without permission.

Recordings of live classes are shared to students through ADEPt who missed the class(es) due to exceptional reasons. An email request must be sent to the ANSA admin with reason for absence – once approved, the recording will be available under the Classes Module within 2 days from request. Strict action will be taken against students attempting to download the class recordings or obtain the recordings through means outside ADEPt.

17.   Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Logos

ANSA grants its students a non-transferable, exclusive right to use all study support materials and question banks from ANSA. The use of ANSA material is for educational purposes only, and students shall not reproduce, retransmit, sell, disseminate, publish, or broadcast this material.

If found guilty of piracy/unauthorised redistribution/malign/repurposing/infringement of materials, trademarks and logos of ANSA, strict action shall be taken on the student and all associated persons including (but not limited to) dismissal from ANSA without refunds, penalties, damage claims and other legal action.

18.   Student Feedback

During each session, the students get the opportunity to express their opinions through a feedback form, for providing their opinion on lectures, administration staff, course materials, and facilities.
The completed feedback form should be submitted to the ANSA staff. The identity of all students and their comments are treated confidentially by ANSA and used for aggregation purpose. Opinions and information obtained from the forms will be used in taking necessary course of action.

19.   Student Grievance

Students can send an email/WhatsApp message to the Director stating that they have a complaint to be made. An acknowledgement shall be sent by the Director within 48 hours along with a Google Form link to register the complaint (Form S04 ANSA Students’ Grievance). Once the complaint has been received, the Directors and Course Coordinator will review the complaint, obtain explanatory statements from the individuals involved. Student may also be requested to send additional explanation.

The Directors and Course Coordinator will review the explanations received and work to resolve the complaint within 21 working days of receiving the same. The resolution statement, signed by the Director, shall be email to the individual(s) and student(s) concerned.

The information contained in the grievance form will be held confidential to the extent possible. Information may be shared with student support executives/administrators to the extent necessary to investigate/obtain explanation from concerned individuals. The contents in the grievance form and explanation statements shall be stored in a secure cloud environment for future reference.

A follow-up and feedback on the resolution shall be obtained from the student, 15 days after the resolution has been made and communicated to concerned parties. If you are not satisfied with this redressal, you are allowed to raise the issue again.

Any misrepresentation of information by the parties concerned may result in disciplinary actions per ANSA code of conduct.

If the complaint is not handled to your satisfaction, you have the option to escalate your complaint to ACCA.
If you have exhausted both your learning provider complaint’s process and ACCA’s, you can escalate to the appropriate regulator. Details of which can be found on the ACCA website at the following link:

20.   Privacy Policy

ANSA’s Privacy Policy can be found on the ANSA website. Student details and supporting documents will also be shared with ACCA for registration purposes and for Results Service (Result service is the mechanism of gathering student data to allow for the analysis of pass rates.).

ANSA does not take responsibility for data handling by ACCA. ACCA handles students data as per its policy that can be found in ACCA’s website.

ANSA complies with the relevant sections and requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (and IT Amendment Act, 2008) and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011. The dedicated servers hosting ADEPt are provided by ESDS Software Solutions and are in the United Kingdom, subject to GDPR.