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ACCA Remote Proctored Exam Support

28 Aug 2021
Here is a quick technical guide to the ACCA Remote Proctored Exams. Video on required system set-up can be found here. Video on exam rules and regulations can be found here.
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ACCA June 2021 results

09 Aug 2021
ANSA students continue to perform much higher than the global average! We are really proud to announce the results for June 2021 exam sitting Paper ANSA Pass rate Global Pass rate Performance Management (PM) 73% 42% Taxation...
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Live Online classes for ACCA March 2021 and June 2021 exam sittings

15 Dec 2020
ANSA is planning to start online classes for the following ACCA papers: For March 2021 sitting: Subject Start Date Schedule Timings (IST) Audit and Assurance (AA) 28th December 2020 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 07:00 a.m. to...
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